BetterWorks is “Making Work Rewarding”

Heads down on my new company BetterWorks – we’re “Making Work Rewarding” – more to follow. But, I’m simply jazzed to have an incredibly awesome cofounder, George Ishii (former adobe, paypal, Geni & Yammer cofounder). Incredible dude and I’m blessed to have people like George in my life. I’m constantly asked “What are you working on?” – people man, it’s all about awesome people. Yes, I’m out there doing the sand hill roadshow and even that’s a real blast watching people’s eyes light up. But #1 for me…it’s all about awesome people who love our vision.

So, if you’re an A+ player and want to join a fun group of folks launching something beautiful and profound here in LA hit us up. George and I are looking for killer technical talent (experience in B2B platforms ideal), and looking for some sales & service professionals with strong SME / local & online sales experience.

And yes, we’re still being a little bit “stealthish” – not to mess with any of you but honestly we’re heads down and driving towards an incredible vision that we hope will effect the lives of six millions business owners and seventy-million employees. We want to change the nature of the workforce and we’re both excited to follow our dreams thanks to all of our awesome friends and cohorts.

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One Response to BetterWorks is “Making Work Rewarding”

  1. Erick says:

    George Ishii is an awesome guy! Many blessings to your company and may your works be rewarding to the worker.

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