Team Building

Wondering if I need to change my blog name from “Good Angel” to “Good Founder” ;) So excited to be building BetterWorks with amazing people. I think maybe next week we’ll disclose a bit more about the team. But until then I just wanted to make a quick point here — It’s all about the team, right? But how do you find amazing people? Over the last week I’ve had a couple recruiters hit me up and while I won’t disparage the business of recruiting – it certainly has its merits – I’m not a big fan of recruiters in the early days of building your team. I can’t remember who said it recently, but as a founder you need to recruit your A+ folks. And if you can’t recruit people, maybe you should be asking yourself if you’re fit to be a good founder?

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3 Responses to Team Building

  1. I am thoroughly intrigued by what little I already know about BetterWorks. I think mostly because Paige Craig is behind it all. You KNOW this is going to be a game changer!

  2. Jebb Dykstra says:

    I agree with you regarding “paying” third parties (recruiters) large sums of cash to find you the right people. Your network, especially in your case where you have invested in over 30+ co’s and already built a successful company from scratch, should be able to find you exec’s that fit the bill. I recently raised a small Series A round of $ and I hired a few people who are better described as “Mr. Right Now.” Not necessarily team members who are built for the long haul, but good fits for the what needs to be accomplished early on.

    Just my two cents.
    jebb dykstra, ceo
    meetrix communications, inc.

  3. That’s what it’s all about; A+ companies are built by A+ teams. Excited for you Paige and for whatever BetterWorks has in store for us. Good luck!

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