Trick or Treat…Or a Job

Friends – It’s Halloween (or was yesterday) and while we should have been gorging ourselves on pumpkin candy and peanut-butter cups, we are instead working on our newest venture, BetterWorks. We’ve got big plans here, a killer founding team and a million things to do. Luckily we have room for a few awesome folks to join us on our happy journey. If you can take a few minutes to help me and my cofounders George and Zao out we’d much appreciate it.

We’re currently looking for a handful of folks to join our Sales & Vendor Teams (descriptions below). If you have one or two A+, hard working, ambitious folks you’d recommend please introduce them directly to us at ; if you happen to be one of these awesome people please hit us up as well 😉

Sales Team: We’re looking for our first sales people. You’ll start off in Santa Monica working with a wide range of small & medium businesses (2 to 500 employees), helping them to “Make Work Rewarding” with the Betterworks platform. Your days will be spent on the phone, online and in the offices of small businesses helping them understand and get started with our platform and services. Beyond being a sales person you’ll also work closely with the founders, helping us to better understand our customers and their needs and shaping our product decisions, strategy and more. We’re looking for smart, hardworking men and women who genuinely enjoy and respect the needs of business owners. Recent college graduates and folks with a few years experience are encouraged to apply. We are not actively recruiting sales managers, VPs, planners ,etc – please only apply if you want to work hard and help business owners in a fun and rewarding startup environment. We’ll need some senior folks later on but right now we’re not worried about those fancy titles 😉   Apply Now

Vendor Team: We need a handful of vendor leads who can work first across west LA and then across all of LA county. Vendor leads will work with local, regional and national service providers negotiating key relationships for Betterworks. You will spend most of your days identifying service providers, pitching them on the benefits of working with us, and helping us negotiate win-win deals for all sides. You’ll also work closely with the product team – collecting feedback from the vendors, coming up with new ideas and ultimately helping us shape a killer product and strategy. Prior experience negotiating deals with small companies and/or enterprise size service businesses is highly desired. A willingness to work hard and have fun in an awesome startup environment is mandatory.   Apply Now

About Us: Betterworks is “Making Work Rewarding!” Technically speaking we’re a B2B platform where businesses can quickly create better, more rewarding work environments. Socially speaking, we’re a group of fun, innovative founders who love entrepreneurship. The founders are Paige Craig (Marine, CEO and Angel Investor), George Ishii (early Paypal, Yammer &, Kiva fellow), and Sizhao “Zao” Yang (Myminilife, Farmville, Zynga and angel investor). We’re all innovators in our own right and we’re looking for sharp, ambitious folks who care more about opportunity than titles. If you want the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to work with proven entrepreneurs, and to help business owners and employees please hit us up. We started Betterworks to help the country’s six million small & medium businesses create better work environments, happier and more productive employees and ultimately foster better business across the US. If you share this passion come join us on this adventure. We’re located on the promenade in the heart of Santa Monica, three blocks from the beach and smack dab in the middle of LA’s growing “Silicon Beach”.


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