Mad Genius Seeking A+ Engineers

Zao outlines his plans for global business domination...

OK, maybe I shouldn’t use the word “Mad” – but Zao Yang is both a brilliant engineer and humble human so we do what we can to promote his personal brand. Right now we’re looking for a couple A+ engineers to join us and as an added bonus you get to work alongside Zao as we build an amazing platform for the business community. If the challenge of supporting 6 Million small and medium businesses and 70 Million employees sounds fun (and you meet the requirements below) please hit us up at

In his past life Zao created products and companies that have in aggregate been responsible for ~180 million registered users, ~80 million monthly active uniques, and 32 million daily active unique users worldwide (Farmville, MyMiniLife). The technology behind MyMiniLife is standardized as the common front end and back end infrastructure at Zynga and it powers Farmville, Petville, backend of Fishville, Treasure Isle, Frontierville, and all the future Zynga games. Pretty amazing stuff!

If you’re looking for a huge challenge, great team and fun environment please check us out. We are based in Los Angeles (Santa Monica specifically) so you need to be willing to move here. Virtual is cool and all, but we believe it’s important for us to all work together.

Engineering Requirements:
  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Extraordinary software engineering talent
  • Substantial experience developing web applications
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP and network programming
  • Experience with compilers, distributed systems, and machine learning a plus
  • Familiarity with functional or declarative programming languages (OCaml, Erlang) a plus
  • The number of years of professional experience you have isn’t important
You should be able to make big contributions to our complex web-based application.  The ideal candidate should be able to tackle Javascript, optimize the backend for scalability, and use C to optimize parts of the applications.  You should be very good at getting things done outside your comfort zone.  When submitting your application, you should have a list of projects with descriptions, technical description, and your contribution to the projects.
If this sounds cool you should APPLY HERE

About Us: Betterworks is “Making Work Rewarding!” Technically speaking we’re a B2B platform where businesses can quickly create better, more rewarding work environments. Socially speaking, we’re a group of fun, innovative founders who love entrepreneurship. The founders are Paige Craig (Marine, CEO and Angel Investor), George Ishii (early Paypal, Yammer &, Kiva fellow), and Sizhao “Zao” Yang (Myminilife, Farmville, Zynga and angel investor). We’re all innovators in our own right and we’re looking for sharp, ambitious folks who care more about opportunity than titles. If you want the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to work with proven entrepreneurs, and to help business owners and employees please hit us up. We started Betterworks to help the country’s six million small & medium businesses create better work environments, happier and more productive employees and ultimately foster better business across the US. If you share this passion come join us on this adventure. We’re located on the promenade in the heart of Santa Monica, three blocks from the beach and smack dab in the middle of LA’s growing “Silicon Beach”.

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